A sweet shop…

Posted: September 24, 2009 in People, Photos
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Sweet shop, originally uploaded by raven_b.

… for people like me :D

One of the only two decent sized sweet shops in the ‘fair’ on the steps side. So much for the wikipedia description :/

Bandra Fair is week long religio-shopping festival in lanes around my house. Or rather lanes leading to the Mount Mary Church in Bandra, Bombay

The week long festival, like everything else, has different meaning for everyone:
1. For the christians in neighbourhood, its possibly the only street festival they celebrate here.
2. For vendors, its a week long shopping arcade with more crowds than Hill Road and Linking Road combined.
3. For non-religious, non-shopaholic residents of the area, its a week when no traffic moves, noise goes up 10 notches and 15 minute walks through sweating crowds becomes a twice daily ritual.

I? Well, I just love the madness, am a lover of walks and the colour that comes with crowds enthralls me. Only if the noise was a little less :)


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