Green, eh?

Posted: October 10, 2009 in Green, People, Quotes
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My favourite author touching in on the issue of eco-fragility:

I am told that this entire region is ‘eco-fragile’, one of those words bandied around at seminars all over the world. Well, I am not an expert in these matters, (and who is, I wonder?) but I should think most of earth is ‘eco-fragile’, having to put up with hundreds of thousands of years of human civilisation.

And then his solution to the global threat, simple like his writings:

Do we stop development in the name of preserving the environment? Or do we move on regardless? Proceed with caution would be the rational person’s answer. But are human beings really rational?

Now, only if we humans were rational :)

All quotes are from the essay titled ‘The road to Anjani Sain’, from the book ‘Rain in the mountains’ by Mr. Ruskin Bond

These words were written in 1992 as Mr. Bond refers to the earthquake of ‘last year’. My assumption is these words are atleast a decade old, if not more. He writes them with reference to the protests against Tehri Dam, work on which he says ‘has progressed in fits and starts’


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