Happy Diwali

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Family, People
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That time of the year when I return home, from wherever I am, to be with family. Looking forward to bursting a few crackers this time breaking the dry spell of last few years. Hopefully the cousins will still be equally interested and not bitten with that no-cracker oath that most institutions administer as a way of showing a social conscience while lacking a moral one.

Also looking forward to feeling a little chill. It’s been years since I really felt the cold. Cal use to be colder than Bombay but never close enough to qualify for what I call ‘winter’. Similarly, last November in Delhi too wasn’t cold at all. This time, if I don’t get it outright, shall go for a drive at 3 in the night. Hopefully the wind and that hour will produce some chill.

Even more looking for to seeing my grandparents back at home. The home for me has always had my parents, sister and both my grandparents. Almost an year now, they’ve been out of town on account of grandma’s illnesses. Even though sis used to come down every time I was there, this time it should be the full set :)

And finally, need to dekko what did parents spend all that time, money and effort on. Atleast need to see what was so urgent that they broke their backs, our bank and pissed me off so many times. Also, how can something grow from a 5-day 30K job to a 2-month 1L job.

Between all this, wish to spend a good time with family, near and far, eat lots of my fav dishes (list sent already) and meet some old friends.

Cheers & Happy Diwali all.


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