Books listed in reverse order of reading. Date of finishing reading in brackets.
  • 2 States –  Breezy read. Punju-TamBrahm quirks well picked on. Tiny bits of gyan against MNS/DMK kind politics thrown in. (19 Nov ’09)
  • Traders, Guns & Money – Involving read. Needs a basic knowledge of debt & equity. Biased against traders. Read the facts, filter the thoughts. (17 Nov ’09)
  • Marley & Me – Bliss. Don’t compare with the movie. Strictly for dog/animal lovers, and a bit of heart-churner for them :) (20 Oct ’09)
  • Rain in The Mountains – Pleasant read. Vintage Ruskin Bond – Hills, common people, weather, nature and his stories. Rather diaries. (09 Oct ’09)
  • Sea Of Poppies – Kind of a trailer. Engrossing read but leaves you hanging in the end as the climax shall be sometime else. (28 Sept ’09)
  • The Long walk to Freedom – It’s either a soft, diplomatic lie. Or the truth about a man who was biased & political, and not afraid to admit it. (22 Sept ’09)
  • Outliers – A typical Gladwell, with selective usage of stats to prove a point that can lie anywhere on a distribution from 0 to infinity. Waste. (18 Sept ’09)
  • How Starbucks saved my Life – Nice read. Good story of when a WASP landed in the coffee shop. I need something like this too (I guess). (17 Sept ’09)

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