Growing up…

Posted: January 1, 2010 in Heart, Places, Quotes
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Yes, I’m still listening to ‘Give Me Some Sunshine‘. And only that.

… give me another chance
I wanna grow up once again …

It’s these lines that got me thinking one of these times, and have brought me back to that thought many times. The thought:

What would I do differently if given a chance to grow up once again?

The answer, frankly, didn’t surprise me. And if you’ve known me some time, it shouldn’t surprise you either. (Specially the readers from old blog)

I loved my childhood. I played a lot. I studied a bit. I experimented a lot. I rarely took the beaten path. I Failed too. Twice, at least.
I learned that while not taking the beaten path has its costs, the journey is much sweeter.

I loved my UG years too. UG stream of not my choice. But friends of a similarly ill-fitting crazy set. A silent type in a gang of loudies. Off the beaten track, mostly. Friendly with many, friends very very few. Foolish, Hungry and, at times, in Love.

I even loved my pre-PG years even though I was already in early-mid 20s. Daring. Blind in love. Followed the heart, for career advice too. 100 kms uphill bicycle ride. My first motorcycle. First truly independent home. Yet, no responsibilities.

Every time I think about it, the good times stop here, leading me to the same conclusion: Given another chance to grow up, one thing I would definitely not do, is an MBA.

It’s not the school that matters. I did it from the best.
It’s not the company that matters. I had a crazy set there too.
It’s not even the job that comes after that matters. I was lucky on the campus, and lucky immediately after that too.

What matters is that the heavy expectations, added responsibilities and distance from my few close friends pushed me out of my maverick life into the rat race that I’d so far avoided.

It’s neither the first, nor the last mistake of my life.
Some might say not sitting for TCS because of HSS offer was a big mistake. I disagree.
I say quitting One97 for more money at AMT was a mistake. Many disagree.
Many told me quitting JJMI for money and status in consulting was a mistake. I disagreed. Now, I know they were right.
The reason that doing an MBA is one thing I’d really like to change is because that one 2-yr period changed me inside. Changed my character and soiled my identity. I had already not been a fan of myself when I went in. I clearly despise the one who came out.

Reminds me of a line I first read on a dear one’s email signature:

I was born intelligent, education spoiled me.

So. There.

I played a lot – in the park, at home; with friends, and family; regular sports, and some just of my own; passable in some, and really good in a few.
I experimented a lot – screwed open many a childhood toys to see how they were inside, rendering them useless, much to my parents’ disgust; created many toys from scrap & scratch, to my parents’ pride and neighbours’ envy; almost broke a few bones testing how high I could jump from; got shocks a plenty trying to experiment with fused bulbs, naked wires and shiny metals.
I rarely took the beaten path – mastered skating when rest were on cricket grounds; played music to my tune rather than the singer’s; preferred jumping the wall to neighbour’s house rather than use the gates; read RD & IT when others didn’t even bother with HT’s comics; read Commando when famous 5 was more apt; cycled kms when others were waiting for scooter/car rides with their dads.
I studied – anything that was not in syllabus. RD, IT, HT, RD Classics, mom’s eco textbooks, Encyclopaedia Brittanica, cyclotrons and beyond. While barely passing in the subjects in school. Failing too. Twice.
I learned that while not taking the beaten path has its costs, the journey is much sweeter.


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