Why we need a 3rd political party in the US

Posted: January 5, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Democrats, like always, have been weak kneed in taking strong foreign policy decisions. Can’t expect them to strong arm Pak or even take on Al Qaida. Just compare the size of Afghanistan to Iraq, and then the size of Bush’s surge to Obama’s surge. Or compare the quibbling submission of pak army to Bush vs almost stand-uppish manner in which they’re playing the O administration. Add to it the manner in which GOP looked on China as a potential competitor that was to be contained. And the almost god-like fawning that Dems shower on the country. No hope of any help for India in geo-politics.

Add to that the strong american unions that form a strong support base for democrats. Highly unlikely for them to take any pro-outsourcing or even pro-market decisions. No hope of any positives for Indian economy.

Even for the altruists, any hope of American cooperation on climate change is well and truly buried in their congress where repubs from across the spectrum follow party command, while dems go around on knees trying to win their own flock by watering down the bill to insignificance.

So, apart from a president who seems to be a nice guy, looks slightly better than the buddy in power before him and speaks much better, there’s hardly anything for us, as Indians, to look positively to in this administration.

As for the Republicans, I shall say nothing more than this: GOP ticket in 2012 could be ‘Sarah Palin’ & ‘Rush Limbaugh’. That’s all.

What we need is a party that picks up all those republican pro-India policies we need. The best way would be to seed a new party from the ruins of GOP once the RL-SP ticket leads it to the final resting ground. Perhaps, we could learn from our fellow Israeli brethren. Not for nothing have they run the US foreign policy in Mid-East despite the world’s biggest oil reserves standing in their way.

So, what we need is –

1. Let O’s administration bumble through the rest of his term, killing any chances of a dem pres for another 20 years
2. Let the next administration led by SP-RL commit harakiri on GOP’s behalf.
3. In partnership with the followers of David, promote the new party (see party flag above)
4. The taliban takeover of Pak shall ensure Dems don’t come back & SP-RL would’ve ensured a bye-bye for GOP.
5. Use the new admin to ensure a missile shield for India & Israel + Bombay replaces Sing/HK as regional HQ for all american banks :P

Just a thought.

P.S.: Sutta starved mid-night ramblings after running through a year’s supply of lounges. Please do not take seriously.

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