Posted: February 7, 2010 in Family, Misc.
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I criticise my (grand)parents, and most of their generation, for watching shows like Balika Vadhu & the K-serials. Shows I can’t stand even hearing, let alone watching. Shows that, to me, promote the worst of our social ills – child marriage, inter family disputes and the worst of actions (from simple bitching to murders) within family members – as a regular (even acceptable) facts of society.

I think many of my friends have similar views.


I am hooked to shows like Roadies (not so good this year) and Splitsvilla (this year’s the best of all so far) that, at their base, have pretty much the same fundamentals. They make it acceptable, even preferable to win in the show (and in life), to place your dignity several pedestals below acceptance in such a show, to use relationships as means to an end, to bitch & fight, to assault physically and emotionally, to remove the strongest links and ensure a survival of the meanest. They present as advisable all sets of behaviours that only tend to make us & our society a more corrupt and superficial one. A change, if at all, for the worse.

What we both, me & my (grand)parents, want at end of the day is some drama. Roadies & Splitsvilla represent the worst of emerging Indian culture for them, but is fun tamasha for me. Balika Vadhu & K-serials represent the worst of current Indian culture for me, but is engrossing entertainment for them.

So to criticise them for their choice of shows, isn’t it duplicity on my part? On our part?

P.S.: In both the cases, the shows themselves do not say that the traits are desirable. But the treatment (under the guise of fairness in my game shows, and under the excuse of social mores in my parents’ serials) in no way strongly despises the actions and/or behaviour.

  1. ~j~ says:

    That’s why I’d rather watch How I Met Your Mother, Friends, Criminal Minds, Seinfeld, Heroes… (don’t mind Desperate Housewives too) and all the wonderful stuff on Travel & Living, Fox History, Nat Geo.

    And don’t forget some real-life drama in sport and the news :)

    • raven says:

      Just because I watch Roadies & Splitsvilla, doesn’t mean I don’t watch HIMYM, Friends or Seinfeld. Despite this, the channels I spend most of my time are – BBC, CNN, StarSports & ESPN :D

  2. I despise K serial, Balika Vadu and the like, Splitsvilla and Roadies stuff too. All the same. Cheers

    — Mithyavadini

    • mind not the typos… its serials*

      well written actually and most people feel Balika Vadhu encourages ppl to STOP child marriages. fools.

      • raven says:

        Those who say BV encourages ppl to STOP child marriages are just fooling themselves. Or, rationalising to themselves about watching a serial they know they shouldn’t be.

        What do you watch?

  3. jina says:

    So true. Im glad I found another soul who enjoys those shows. I never told anyone in fear of getting ostracized..Glad to know its not just me. Another form of hypocrisy and duplicity Im guessing

    • raven says:

      C’mon it’s not for nothing that MTV’s top of the charts in youth GEC. If Roadies & Splitsvilla are its most watched shows, can’t be for nothing.

      Most people around us watch them. They just don’t admit.

      As for me, am hating this season of Roadies. Without Raghu, they just seem to have lost the balance. Too much product-promo talk, too little direction & action.
      As for Splitsvilla, this is the first season I’m liking. Hardly saw the 1st one, watched 2nd on & off. This time, I prefer it to Roadies. Maybe it’s just the babes, but, it’s betted ;)

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