Did I earn myself an extra beer?

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Cycling, Intake, Misc.
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Cycled ~53 kms today, starting with Hampstead Heath. I think I’m gonna make this part of my regular route – probably 3 times a week.

Also, the weight has dropped from X+17 to X+13.4 after rising to X+14 immediately after the Scotland trip.

So, now that I’ve finished the first beer, do you think I should go for another one? Have I earned it? :)

  1. Ms.N says:

    ok… I think its a pizzareia. has a face of orwell and xx. ws in lon back in 2005… long long ago… yes- i am definitely thinking … got some ba points and more friends in LDN than Mumbai it seems.

    • raven says:

      I couldn’t locate the exact pizza parlour but did find this interesting wepage with a list of places where Orwell stayed / worked during his time in LDN.

      Come over any time… we need a few old friends too. And you being around means that Rags will have someone else to crib/bug leaving me more time to indulge myself :D

  2. Ms.N says:

    hampstead heath… rememeber that place. have u seen that pizzetria which has a board saying George Orwell lworked here (wasn’t a pizzeria then). also keat’s house…

    • raven says:

      Don’t think I’ve been to that pizzeria but do cycle past Keat’s house every time I’m up there. It lies on my standard route out of the heath.

      When were you here in LDN? Come again.. this rags refuses to go walking/cycling up there since I told her that it is up on a hill :(

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