Tengo hambre otra vez!

Posted: November 18, 2010 in Intake, Misc., Photos
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08:00 – Bowl of corn flakes with milk
08:10 – A fried egg with toast
08:15 – A glass of orange juice

12:10 – A cappuccino
12:15 – A 2-egg spinach & mushroom omelette

14:10 – 16:10 – About 20 salted peanuts, 3 slices of chocolate & vanilla cake roll and another glass of juice

17:50 – hungry again! Having…

Carrot with salt / chaat masala

I'm hungry again..

Update @ 18:02 – Third glass of orange juice. (I think I’m addicted to it)
Update @ 20:14 – Add half a litre of water and 2 (thick) slices of that cake roll. Still Hungry :(
Update @ 23:53 – Add a can of coke, 2 fingers of KitKat, a banana and a dinner of 2 rotis, rice, rajmah and a strange sabji with methi-aloo-mattar! Can anyone tell me how many calories I consumed today?


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