Songs of the night.

Posted: November 28, 2010 in Misc.
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Every time I start thinking about Hindi (or related) songs of/for the night, it’s the same two that rush to mind:

1. So gaya ye sama
2. Chandni raatein

So, I asked friends on twitter to suggest more if they could. Only one condition: they cannot be romantic songs.
You see, nights, for me, are time spent alone or with platonic friends. Romantic songs don’t really fit into it.

So far I have only one more qualifying entry, though Appy did suggest lots more (all romantic).

3. Aaj ki raat… (suggested by @pappupager)
4. Pyaar hamein kis mor pe le aaya… (I remembered the ‘battiyan bujha do‘ bit. No it’s not romantic, it’s a boy-gang song :D )
5. Chanda re chanda re…  (forced in by @ruchi18)

Waiting for more – suggest in comments, I’ll add them to the post.


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