2/365: Here’s some credit.

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Taking this one a bit differently from what’s been suggested on the Daily Post blog. I won’t be sticking to some-‘one’ but a few. And I won’t be staying with the real life but my blog reading.

In 2010, I returned to reading more blogs after a slow down in 2008-2009. Streamlining my google reader – unsubscribed a lot of blogs and organised the rest into folders – earlier in the year and the availability of a google reader app later helped my catch up again with the feeds and start reading most of them. So, I’d use this post to extend a thanks to some of the blogs that I loved to read this year.

First, the usual suspects:

  1. Execpundit.com by Michael Wade. He puts it best when he subtitles his blog as “Commentary by Michael Wade on Leadership, Ethics, Management, and Life”. I’d like to thank him for the many lessons on life, music and management. And for introducing me to Cultural Offering, which is next.
  2. Cultural Offering. I strongly disagree with politics of the person behind the blog (and there’s been quite a bit of it recently), but the big dollops of business, life and culture related posts on the blog are too hard to let go of. And indeed, despite the politics, I’d love to thank Cultural Offerin for it.
  3. Seth’s Blog by Seth Godin. Yes, he seems to earn well from his books, public speaking and other projects. No, it still isn’t thanks enough. If there’s one thing I could suggest to my b-school’s management, it’d be to make reading his blog compulsory and get him on-board to revamp the coursework. Nothing brings in the reality of business in real life better than a few frank words from him.
  4. Boston Globe’s Big Picture Blog by Alan Taylor. The blog tagline quietly states “News stories in photographs”. Anyone who’s regularly visited the blog can only tell you it’s a gross understatement. As mainline news sources are going pop-tabloid way, this blog has managed to capture both the depth and variety of what the world goes through. The sometimes vicious comment wars only indicate how wide and fair the coverage has been. Thank you Alan for this wonderful beast.
  5. Tom Peter’s twitter feed. I subscribed to Tom’s blog for a long time but it fell out during the mass culling of feeds earlier in 2010. So, to discover his twitter feed was a blessing. It helps avoid the, sometimes, overload of posts on the blog but helps learn from the man’s thoughts. His passion for excellence in everything, his recent focus on healthcare system’s shortcomings and his occasional videos are big sources of learning for anyone. More so for someone like me who’s so interested specially in ‘customer service’. Thank you Tom!
  6. Indexed by Jessica Hagy. She’s made those graphs and venn diagrams fun again. Make that fun, incisive and informative. Thanks you Jessica and look forward to many more of them this year.
  7. xkcd.com. Aptly described by the authors as “A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”. Love geeky humour? Look no further. And the real punchlines are hidden in alt-text that comes on hovering over the comic. Thank you folks for some great laughs at my geeky self.

Now, the not-so-usual suspects:

  1. Pertinent Observations by Karthik S (and, now, ‘Pinky’). Other than Seth, Skimpy’s blog has been my most regularly read one for over 4 years. Again, I do not agree with his views on some subjects or find some of his theories weak but that has never come in the way of my enjoying his regular flow of observations, both pertinent and not so pertinent. Thanks Karthik and looking forward to some posts from Pinky as well this year.
  2. Breathing Books by Mustanggina. Discovered this tumblr collection late in the year but have nothing except great words for it. It’s a book lover’s heaven. In a different way – beautiful, warm photos of books, book shelves and studies. Thank you mustanggina. Thanks a huge lot!
  3. Fuck You Very Much by “Two friends from Copenhagen living apart on two different continents”. Other than the Big Picture blog, this was my favourite photo-blog for ages. And I’m really, really sad that it’s gone. Yet, thanks a ton folks for the brilliant times. Miss ya.
  4. There And Back Again by Steve Martin (I assume). A fellow recreational cyclist. A fellow cyclist who returned to cycling this year. A fellow cyclist who started with a hybrid and then upgraded to a road bike (I still have to upgrade). A fellow member of the rare breed of cyclists with kick stands. His rides have been inspirational every time I’ve hit a slack. His series of historical markers a source of bit-sized history lessons. Thanks Steve, looking forward to more ride updates and sharing a few of my own.
  5. design fabulous by Andrew Kim. Discovered Andrew’s blog by chance. On twitter. And since then been returning to it regularly for those dollops of pieces on design – some original, some inspired and sometimes just views on others’ designs. Thanks Andrew. Hope we see more, a lot more your design pieces – abstract or real. Just keep them flowing.

Finally, thanks to the Google Reader team for the app on NexusOne. It has really helped keep up with my subscriptions at all times.  Thank you folks. It’s simple and elegant, just the way I like it.

These are just a few of the blogs that I follow regularly. There are some out there that are better but too infrequently updated to be included. And a couple, though good and regularly updated, don’t share the full content on RSS. And that I don’t like. So not sharing them either.

So, there. That’s the 2nd post of this series done. Let’s see how long I sustain this streak.


  1. Mithyavadini says:

    I read indexed and xkcd =) great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    (psst, the link for ‘indexed’ isn’t working – please fix?)

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  3. Marta Sofia says:

    Thanks for the amazing tips on blogs some really interesting stuff!

    Happy new year and good luck with Post a Day challenge!

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