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The day’s coming to an end and I need to get cracking on this post if I intend to continue my 3-day old streak.

Today’s topic – What makes you smile – is both easy and hard. There’s so much that makes me smile yet it is so hard to pin point anything. I think I shall just make it easy for myself go the, tried and tested, list way:

  1. Chole-Bhature, warm Jalebi, crisp Tikki and Rajmah-Chawal. Food has been always been a weakness but these three..ummmmmm . As far back as my memory goes. and I can clearly visualise myself as a plump 5yo, these three foods have done it for me. Just put one of them on the table and watch me smile!*
  2. Basketball. There was a time when basketball use to do this bit for me. Whenever I was upset, or feeling sad, for whatever reason, I’d go play basketball. I played 3-6 hours almost daily through 11th & 12th standards. That explains my sad CBSE scores, doesn’t it? But it didn’t matter much back then. Nothing put a smile on my face like a game, or 4. By the time a day’s play ended, I was drenched with sweat and dirt, hands ‘rang’ with the bounce and despite knowing I wasn’t the best player of our group, I smiled.
  3. Books, Movies & TV Serials. Well, I’m a romantic at heart. Put on a half-decent rom-com and I shall be smiling. Gimme a book with an architect protagonist, a newsreader girlfriend and throw a bunch of interesting friends around, I’ll smile. Or even with a book that cries pain – of a city that ruled the world for centuries going down to a brash, uncivilized upstart. Put on any episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., or m ost episodes of HIMYM or Big Bang Theory, I’ll smile. Heck, make Becca sit Hank down and give him sane some advice, I’ll smile. Heck, I’ll even smile when a Goran Ivanisevic, long past his prime, enters his dream tournament as a qualifier and goes on to win it.
  4. Cycling. What Basketball was, Cycling is. I’m bored having spent all day at home doing nothing, I go cycle. I’m depressed on not having heard back from a single recruiter after 2 dozen applications, I go cycle. I’m sad after having a long distance fight over the phone with parents, I go cycle. Because, when I cycle, I smile. It helps put everything that’s been disturbing me out of my mind and concentrate on the road. As the kms, start passing by, the mind soon clears up and the lips, the eyes – they start to smile. Again.
  5. People. I love observing people. Perhaps, that explains why I’m so passive, so silent, so boring in person (mostly). I smile I see a guy carrying his kid on the shoulder while humming Bob Marley. And when two kids (about the age I & my cousin were when we last did this), dressed in identical clothes, mock-fight using their light-sabres (we used cardboard swords wrapped in shiny paper). I smile when I notice someone free-sailing in my slipstream, and think of all the time I free-sailed in others’. I smile more when the guy comes up on next red light and thanks as free sailing helped him make up time for his date (real-life event!). And, back in India, I use to smile every time I saw a long line of kinder-garden kids walking – one hand on the lips, other on front one’s shoulder :)
  6. Dogs. I smile when I come across a lovely dog, a friendly dog – almost any dog. I smile when they lick-check my shoes, I pat them, play with them, and finally they lick my face/hands clean. I’m sad when they finally leave but then smile again thinking of those earlier smiles. How sweet dogs still turn me into a kid. And how Rags is still as shit scared of dogs as some kids.
  7. Smiles. I smile when people smile – towards me, towards others or sometimes just to themselves. So, when the sweet lady at Kilburn starbucks smiles before taking my order, my lips widen into a smile no matter what I’m feeling. And when the elderly couple who came running for the bus with me smile at me, I smile with them. Of course, I also smile every time I see our building caretaker. How can I not smile at the person who’s out gritting pavements at 6AM in -4C temperature just because there might be snow/ice that day?
  8. Memories. A lot of my smiles come when I think good times in the past. I smile when I think of the crazy stuff I & we did. Of old loves. Of friends. Of family. I smile when I see a mail from an old friend in my inbox. I smile when friends back home remember me on twitter, while having coffee, dissing android or planning cycling. I smile when I think of my sister’s antics when she scores a point or my dad’s shy smile after he’s polished off the remaining sweets. I smile when I think of the many summer vacations spent in the hills. And I smile when I think of all the smiles in the past. Like I’m smiling now. Never knew, melancholy could make one smile too.

There’s lots

So, there. The posting streak is now up to 4. Thanks for today’s topic though – I’m smiling now :)


* Cook them bad or put big pieces of ginger in Rajmah or serve cold Jalebi and watch the smile quickly turn into the biggest frown you’ll ever see.
P.S.: Those images on top look like a nice band in the composer but all different sizes in the preview. Wonder how they turn out in browser after publishing :/

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