Facebook V/s Twitter (quick one)

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Misc., Quotes
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A little over an year ago, I wrote a post stating why Twitter trumped Facebook for me as a user, while also touching on why I’d quit Facebook.

Recently, I queried Rags about why none of her inner circle of friends were active on twitter despite being FB superusers. Her answer was simple and brilliant.

They don’t want to listen to others, but only want to tell others what they want to say / share. Thus, they prefer FB and find twitter boring and tedious.

Well, that’s not exactly what she said but the gist of it.

I love her point. Twitter, by not making user relationships 2-way by forces you to be a listener and indulge in conversations if you wish to enjoy the platform. Facebook, thanks to its 2-way user relationships, allows me to blast all my friends with whatever is on my mind without having to listen to them (i.e. read the wall).

Additionally, I think the multiple media options available on FB allow people to broadcast even when they do not have anything particular to say, for instance by uploading their 2-year old new born’s pics every day. Twitter’s restriction of 140c at least spares us ‘that’ kind of mommy-brigade.


Why am I writing this at this hour? Because I just unfollowed one of my oldest friends. My bro right from the first week of undergrad.
Why? Because he was one of those non-listening FBers who was on twitter just for the sake of it. In the few months that I’ve followed him, I’ve seen a total of 3 ‘real’ written tweets and zero mentions by him. However, once or twice every week, he goes on an RT spree with news and updates about his chosen line of work. That for me is the behaviour of a typical FB-only fellow.

I won’t judge him personally for this behaviour on twitter. I think it may be his way of displaying a combination of social-media savvy along with his interest in his chosen field of work. For me, the unfollow button provided an easy way out so that I can continue appreciating him as a friend in the offline world while avoiding his RT spam floods on twitter.

With that unfollow, I now follow a grand total of Zero friends out of my close circle from UG days. They’re all on FB using twitter either as a professional marketing tool or as occasional broadcast medium. I’m on twitter, refusing to go back onto FB despite all it’s 500mn users. Actually, BECAUSE of it’s 500mn users :)

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