9/365: Aha!

Posted: January 9, 2011 in Cycling, Intake, People
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I can’t believe that even after almost 20 hours of thinking, I can’t remember too many ‘Aha!’ moments.

Maybe because I, like most people should, vary my expectations depending on the circumstances. So, even though the service I get at the Oberoi in Shimla is many times better than the one at Shilon resorts, it doesn’t make me go ‘Aha!’ simply because I expect it to be so. Similarly, the (relative) cleanliness and civility of majority of people of my current city doesn’t make me go ‘Aha!’ despite having grown up in a semi-rural dust bowl that’s mostly in news for female infanticide and medieval khap panchayats, because I expect them to be so. And I can’t figure out how these similar differences tend to surprise and delight many other people I know. Yes, excellence is good. But it can’t result in delight if it is expected. Maybe there’s just something wrong with me that I refuse to acknowledge quality when it is so predictable.

Still, there are a few things that do genuinely please me.

For instance, when the regular staff at neighbourhood Starbucks smile and say, ‘Long time no see’, I register an ‘Aha!’. When they remember my regular order as well, despite me coming back after a fortnight, it’s definitely an ‘Aha!’.

Similarly, the first time we went cycling on the main roads of this city, it was an ‘Aha!’ experiance. (Almost) All drivers give the cyclists a wide space when overtaking. The bus drivers, specially, drive slowly behind Rags’ bike in the bus lane rather than attempt a dangerous (for her) overtaking maneuver. Heck, they don’t even come close behind her, maintaining a really healthy distance. Yes, I’d heard that cycling in this city would be easier than back home, but this was definitely an ‘Aha!’.

I didn’t like Mexican cuisine before coming here. Having tried it twice back home, it just didn’t click with me. And then I tried it here after partner dragged a reluctant me to a small Mexican joint near Notting Hill called Taqueria. The place had really bad acoustics making it unbearably noisy and we had to wait a while before getting proper seats. I should have hated it. However, now I crib aloud if we don’t go there at least once every fortnight. The tacos – the gringa, the tinga, the quesadilla, the chorizo mexicano – and friendly service at that place has me hooked for good. To add to my joy, the partner soon dragged me to another part of town – Angel – to try out another Mexican joint – Chilango. Completely different experiance compared to what Taqueria offers but a winner in it’s own right. I’ve never had just one meal basket of it’s pork tacos. A refill is a must. Add El Camino at Portobello Rd to these two and that’s another ‘Aha!’ experiance for me. Also, thank you London for getting me hooked to the lure of tacos :)

This one just to prove I’m still a kid. We watch most of our movies at the Cineworld on Shaftesbury avenue. Right next to the cinema is an entertainment zone which we had somehow managed to ignore for the first 5.5 months of our stay here. Till one evening I ventured inside while Rags attended to some phone calls. We spent about 3 hours in there that evening – 2 rounds of dodge ’em cars, 3 or 4 rounds of arcade games and one long round of bowling. Another ‘Aha!’ evening for me.

I’ve shared this many times before – both here and on twitter. Remember that day when I went cycling in the snow? Remember me thinking over and over whether or not to cycle down the primrose hill? Well, I ended up doing it. And that one short downhill ride on a snow covered LDN hill, was one great ‘Aha!’ moment :)

And finally, getting in from windy, freezing road into the tube station and seeing this is definitely a delightful ‘Aha!’ moment.

So there, topic #9 done. Do you have any ‘Aha!’ moments to share? I’d really like to hear some, if just to know that good things happen to other people too. ;)


I’ve noticed something about myself writing these 9 posts. All day I mull over about what to write? I think and I think and can’t remember anything relevant to topic of the day. But when I do finally start writing, I just go on and on. For example, before I started writing today, I couldn’t figure out one single ‘Aha!’ moment from recent past. And then, even if they aren’t brilliant, I ended up writing 6! Bloody me! :)


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