10/365: I love snow!

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Cycling, Misc.
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The Boating Lake @ Regent's Park

Scott at Post-A-Day asks how do you stay entertained when snowed in?

Well, my answer is simple – I’m never snowed in! Because, unlike most of the locals here in the UK, I love snow. So, every time it’s snowing, or we have had a decent snow overnight, instead of barracking myself indoors with scotch and blanket, I step out with my camera in hand. Actually, even the camera doesn’t matter – I just head out. In the little snow we got in December, I had about a dozen walks in snow and at least 3 bike rides including the one through a frozen Regent’s park.

I think my love for snow is similar to my love for rain – having grown up in a relatively dry region, I’ve always been attracted to condensation in all forms. I even remember taking a walk around my b-school campus once while a cyclone had struck and the 7 lakes had overflown and merged to form 3 large ones.

So, my simple answer to how I stay entertained when snowed in: By heading out and enjoying the snow :)

So, there. Done with my 10th POD2011 post, and the shortest one so far. Do tell me in comments or your own post how you ‘survive’ the snow or, if it doesn’t snow much in your part of the world, torrential rain. :)


Of course, it helps that I’m based in central(-ish) London so the roads & pavements are almost always gritted and frequently cleared. Also helps that I don’t have to go to work every day so am not much bothered by any transport disruptions.


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