13/365: What are you looking forward to?

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Books, Cycling, Photos, Places
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So asks Scott today.

Not sure I can share all the plans here, but here’s a list.

  1. Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to visiting the Bike Expo at Excel Center. Also, try and get a ride around their MTB and City cycling tracks.
  2. Tomorrow or day after, I look forward to visiting the Ice-Sculpting festival at Canary Wharf. Will also like a shot at their free 20min hands-on ice sculpting classes :)
  3. Rest of the weekend, there’s 3 things I’m hope to attend to – the jigsaw (still at friend’s place), ice-skating (finally?) and lazying around.
  4. Next week, I’m looking forward to the 2nd round of interviews at one firm and hopefully hearing something positive from the other one.
  5. Later this month, I look forward (eagerly) to returning to cycling with the Inquisitive.
  6. Later this quarter, I look forward to finally buying a new road bike. Current contender is Trek 2.1 but would love other recommendations.
  7. Also this quarter I hope to finish my half of this pile of books
  8. Early next quarter, I look forward to visiting India for a short while – been missing family & friends a bit too much.
  9. Over the summer, I look forward to visiting Scotland and Netherlands & Belgium at least. If I’m lucky, even visit France and see a stage, or more, of TdF :)
  10. Sometime this year, Rags and I may even sign the register and give a socially acceptable name to our relationship.
  11. Also, this year I look forward to cycling London-Oxford-London, London-Paris-London, The Great Glen Route and, hopefully, LEJOG
  12. And towards end of the year, I look forward to finishing my unbroken 365-day streak of post-a-day posts ;)

So there, that’s a brief of what I look forward to this year. What are you looking forward to this year then? Do share some.



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