Happy Lohri!

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Family, Misc., Music & Lyrics, Photos
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Fire dance, originally uploaded by prakhar.

Up north, as I call my home region in India, today is a special day. It’s the day that the winter harvest season traditionally begins and is celebrated as Lohri. Anyway, I digress.

This post is not to delve into history & activities of the festival but to wish you all a very happy Lohri, a bountiful harvest and a great year.

Like every year back then, here’s me shouting at your doorstep (asking for contributions towards my new bike)

Sundar Mundriye. Ho!
Tera kaun vicaharaa. Ho!
Dullah bhatti walla. Ho!
Dullhe di dhee vyayae. Ho!
Ser shakkar payee. Ho!
Kudi da laal pathaka. Ho!
Kudi da saalu paatta. Ho!
Salu kaun samete!
Chache choori kutti!
zamidara lutti!
Zamindaar sudhaye!
bade bhole aaye!
Ek bhola reh gaya!
Sipahee pakad ke lai gaya!
Sipahee ne mari eet!
Sanoo de de lohri te teri jeeve jodi! (Cry or howl!)
Paheenve ro te phannve pit!

And if you’re too miserly opening that purse, here’s the mean follow up cry:

Hooka bhai Hooka, Ai ghar pukha!

Happy Lohri!

P.S.: Gotta call home today. This is one of the few festivals that I really loved celebrating back home.
P.P.S.: Thanks to Kaurwakee for introducing this boli early morning and for sharing the initial lyrics.


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