14/365: The Beginning

Posted: January 14, 2011 in Misc.
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Scott’s question for today’s post-a-day is: Why did you start blogging?

Why is a hard question to answer and I may answer it. What I distinctly remember is how & when it happened.

The year was 2002. I was about 2 months into my 2nd job and Id’ again moved base back to Delhi. The guy, technically COO, I was working there with was big time into tech, specially based around linux and other open source software. He was also into blogging. So while setting-up bugzilla and a development environment on our local server, he also set up an movable type – probably the leading blogging platform at that time.

Since he was the one I identified the most with, in office, I duly followed his lead and started an intranet blog. It also helped that I’d always wanted to keep a diary, but never had, and this seemed a good way to get on with it. Later, when he got his own domain name, he lent me a sub-folder to host my blog on. Much later, after I had moved on from that firm, I lost that first blog when he forgot to renew his web hosting subscription and all data was deleted. It was then that I moved to Blogspot, staying 4 years, and then here to WordPress. Somewhere in between, while at b-school, I even ran an apache-mt server on my own machine and blogged privately. Those posts, I still have.

Funnily, even though I remember the story of how I started, I barely remember what I wrote about. It’s something I’d really love to read now. I wonder how a decade younger me use to think and write. I wonder what a decade younger me use to think and write. It was also the first time I’d been in love for a long enough time. More interestingly, I now consider that workplace my favourite amongst everywhere I’ve worked so far. Wonder what I use to think about it back then. Ohh.. how I’d love to have the contents of that blog back now! :)

So, there. With a quick flourish of the keyboard (sounds weird), I’ve finished my 14th consecutive daily post this year. This streak seems to be going much better than what I’d expected of myself. Hope to keep it going all the way. Meanwhile, how about you share how you started blogging?


P.S.: Been thinking of this for sometime – I should bring all my old blogs (the ones that remain) together in one place. I think I shall import the posts from blogger and old wordpress one in this place. Will check how to import them while keeping them hidden. Don’t want old posts flooding my rss feeds or mailboxes of the 2 subscribers :)


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