16/365: Wacky Advice

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Misc.
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Topic of the day: What’s the wackiest advice you’ve ever heard?

Not sure I’m qualified to answer this question. I might appear in the answer though, if you ask the right people.

After all, I’m the fella who sat for b-school interviews and placement interviews with a foot long pony tail. I’m also the fella who celebrated end of 1st year of b-school by wearing a shorts and a piece of cloth roughly sewn on sides and with a hole in the center and a hangman’s noose drawn on the front (It was my hostel’s crude uniform during inter-hostel competition). I’m also the fella who shouted at a prof at the top of his lungs while everyone else was trying to appease him (this was in undergrad), and the fella who cycled 100km into the hills on a single speed bike just because he wanted to. And the fella who quit his first job post b-school because he didn’t feel his heart was in it. And 2 years later, did that again with the second one for the same reason :)

You see, then, I’m not the one who gets wacky advice. I’m the fella who gives them. Like that time 2 years ago, when my little cousin (he’s 21yo now) came to me asking for advice on how to crack b-school entrance, I asked him to forget b-school and concentrate on his undergrad and enjoying life. Or like when I told my younger sister that despite all the pressure from parents, I want her to take all the time she wants before getting married and to who ever she wants to get married (blasphem-ic where I come from).

Probably, the only piece of advice that I consider being wacky is the one I got from someone who married young, divorced early and was living a happy single life for a decade after that: Get married soon, earlier the better!

So, there. Done with wacky advice. As in done giving it. Mostly. Have you received any wacky advice ever? Do share.


P.S.: Boy, this one was so close to the deadline I can feel it rushing towards me through the tube.


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