17/365: Doesn’t matter.

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Intake, Misc., Photos
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Eggs Benedict & A Full English Breakfast @ Canteen, Baker Street

Scott asks: Does everything happen for a reason?

Maybe. Maybe not. But that isn’t the point, is it?

I’m not really the type who thinks things happen for a reason. I never was that type and the few years in b-school and then as a management consultant only moved me further away. What has happened, has happened. Should we really be spending time thinking over whether it happened for a reason, or do we learn our lessons from it and move on. And, in case what happened was good, raise a toast and have a cake before moving on.

This is not to say that I believe that things don’t happen for a reason, or the converse. Just that I find it useless, even idiotic, to ponder over such trivia. Specially, when one could spend time dissecting what happened to learn and improve. Or just use the time to cycle, watch Big Bang Theory or play Call of Duty.


On really pushing myself to think on the topic, I do think things happen for a reason. Prime exhibit: I come from a mildly religious Punjabi Hindu Brahmin family of vegetarians. Everyone eats Chicken though, except Ma who stops at eggs. However, soon after leaving home, I started eating every kind of non-vegetarian food available – chicken, meat, pork, fish, duck, beef and sundry insects that appeared in canteen food. Specially, pork and beef a.k.a. bacon and steak. Living in small towns and small-town-like metros of India, this doesn’t matter much since one rarely gets good pork or beef. But whenever I travel out of the country, this allows me to savour the delicacies of this very uncultured, un-Hindu, almost evil, western world. I can now ensoi the ultra-delicious double hamburger at Shake Shack in New York, the super supple steak at Le Renais de Venise, the Tacos at Chilango, Taqueria and El Camino, the Eggs Benedict at Breakfast Club, Sausage & Mash at Canteen and, most recently, the pancakes at My Old Dutch Pancake House*. It also helps that I can now plan trips practically anywhere in the world without wondering if I’ll find anything acceptable to eat there. Thus, I think that the transformation from a chicken-only vegetarian to a good old pure non-vegetarian happened for a reason.

Yes, before you point it out, food is weighing heavily on my mind right now.

Aside Over.

So, there. Done with another post in the series though I feel a few more non-series posts coming up soon. Do share if you think everything happens for a reason, or benefits of vegetarianism, or your favourite (not-too-expensive) food places in London.


P.S.: That’s how I move from a topic that I don’t like (today’s topic) to one I do (Food!)

*The Hummus & Chicken at Nando’s should be a part of this eminent list. But that’s something I could’ve eaten even if I was a chicken-only vegetarian too ;)


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