It’s my relationship…

Posted: January 17, 2011 in People, Photos, Quotes
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Family by Wylie Maercklein, on Flickr

… so let me decide what form I want to give it. That’s been my view for long and I was glad to read this comment from Nick Clegg. It is perhaps the best enunciation of my views I’ve ever read.

‘No magic wand solutions. No preaching. Just some help, because we understand the pressures you are under – finding a job, giving your child a good education, making your relationship work. We will do whatever we can to make things easier. The rest – the decisions, the choices, the lifestyle – is up to you.’

Mr. Clegg is finally showing he has some cojones, by speaking out in favour of what his supporters want rather than what the Conservatives want. Sad that it took so long, but glad that it’s finally happened. Now, to see if he has enough to convert his words into actions.

Read the full article here on Daily Mail

I rarely say a good word about Nick Clegg here on this blog or on twitter, specially since his debacle on tuition fees. Yet, I can’t help reading this statement again and again, and thank him for it.


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