Killing the living to honour the dead

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Books, People, Politics, Quotes
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Tamara states, in The Finkler Question:

‘Yes, of course it demeans the dead to forget them, but to disinter them in order to justify carnage demeans them even more.’

Though the quote is in reference to sections in Israel using the suffering of holocaust to justify actions against Palestinians, it is equally true everywhere else. However, I doubt the simple efficacy of the argument would be evident to the masses who usually form the tools of a carnage. If only, everyone could grasp the meaning of those words.

In fact, there’s another interesting quote from the same discussion in that book equally compelling and equally relevant back home:

‘… You cannot isolate a people, cut them off from their natural connection to the country, degrade and starve them, and not expect extremism to follow.’

Every time we think of how and why the Naxals are getting such support in the hinterland, revisiting this quote may help.


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