19/365: Bravery

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Misc.
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Today’s topic from Daily Post is about bravery. Actually, it is three topics in one.

Describe a time when you witnessed bravery:

  1. in your profession.
  2. with your eyes.
  3. in someone you admire.

My answer will be short and simple.

  1. Management consultants, specially in big firms, are hired for not being brave. Who wants to lose a client by telling him that the acquisition plan they want help with is suicidal?
  2. My eyes have been trained not to recognise bravery. They recognise stupidity instead. Sometimes. Like that consultant who stood up in every town-hall meeting requesting better support facilities on high intensity projects. She spoke for everyone’s common good. Despite a good review, she was also the first to get fired when the downturn hit. Is that speaking-your-mind what people call bravery?
  3. A friend once saw a girl from our college being hounded by ruffians, jumped in and escort her away. Of course, he had wanted to get into her pants for a long time but it may not have affected his actions at the time. Does this mean that act doesn’t count as bravery anymore? Doesn’t matter, he’s a friend and I still admire bits in him.

As you would have figured from my inane responses above, I have no idea what bravery is. Yes, the romantic in me still wants to believe in bravery, but the pragmatism drilled in by the b-school and consulting have taught me otherwise.

So, there. I need some inspiration. Anyone got some spare?


  1. kolembo says:

    Good post! Earthy, funny.

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