The Fat Cat

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Heart, People, Photos
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I met a fat cat yesterday,  another one with with tons of attitude.

Last night, I stepped out for my post-dinner cigarette and saw this fatty sitting outside my door. She misunderstood the open door as an invitation to enter the house. I tell you, she may look lazy but can be really fast when she wants to. Thankfully, I managed to close the door just in time.

Came back after a round of the block and she was still there. I’d already been contemplating what to do with the cat. Couldn’t let the poor thing stay out in the cold and Rags wouldn’t let me keep her. So, I planned to write flyers and post them in building, inform the building caretaker and, if no one came in a couple of days, hand her to animal rescue.

Fortunately, on closer inspection I saw a tag on her with the owner’s detail – they live in the next building. No clue how she got here from there but I went over to return her. No one at home. There was also a cell number etched on the tag, so I came back home to get my cellphone. One look at the cat and Rags locked herself in the living room, refusing to come out till I got rid of the cat. Now, Rags may seem fat, slow and lazy like the cat, but the speed with which she locked herself in the room proved otherwise. Also, you now know why Rags & I will eventually separate – I’ll get dogs home and she’ll either leave us or, more likely, kick me and the dogs out. Guaranteed.

Anyway, so I got the phone, called her owner and, after a brief introduction, was informed that there’s a small trapdoor on the back door so I could let her into the house again. There, all my hopes of keeping the soft, clean, almost too well-behaved cat for a night were dashed. I dropped her back to her home, stealing a moment to take this hazy photo on the mobile while walking there and came back home to another scared cat. My scared cat.

All evening today, I’ve been having this feeling that I’ll open the door and find that soft ball of fur sitting there silently again. No Luck :(

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