In other news…

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Misc.
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I’ve been checking outside the door every few hours for the last couple of days but the sweet, fat cat hasn’t returned. I’m starting to get over it now. *sniff*
Would it be wrong to stake out her owner’s apartment and lure her out from the trapdoor as soon as the owner steps out? Just to play with her for a few hours :)

I’m loving Ubuntu and my trusty old laptop. Haven’t touched the other windows laptop since I got this one started. The only hiccup had been the realisation that I couldn’t stream videos to PS3 from TVersity any more but a little fiddling around with MediaTomb solved that too. I’m still lovin’ it

Still haven’t called home, other relatives, Evans for the front tyre issue or the library to check if my card has arrived. Lazy bum!

Someone needs to come kick my ass, big time!

P.S.: Might be heading over to friends’ place for a late night hang about – poker (for them, I don’t play cards), jigsaw (mostly my), Call of Duty (we three guys) and beer (again, mostly me). Let’s see if I get some masala for tomorrow’s post ;)



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