24/365: Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Heart, Photos, Places, Weather
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I ..

I .., by raven on Flickr

Topic of the day: What is your favourite sound?

Answer is loud and clear: The sound of rain.

Needs a bit of clarification though. When I say the sound of rain, I don’t mean the light gentle drizzle that we see all year round here in UK. The rains whose sound I love, and miss much, are the strong and consistent monsoon rains of India. Specifically, the sound of monsoon rains as it falls, and collects, on the balcony of my hostel room in Joka. And the sound of monsoon rain in Bombay as it hammers the windows, bounces off the parked vehicles and collects on the pavement. I love the fast rhythm that that heavy rain plays as it beats alternately, and quickly, on the walls, the windows, the hollow aluminium dustbin lid, the water filled open dustbin, the cars, the trees and the pavement. Each sound different yet all of them totally immersed in each other. Yes, I love the sound of rain. It definitely is my favourite sound. But there are many things I love even more. And one of them is that heavy Indian monsoon rain itself.

So there, back on track with a short post after the turmoil resulting in weekend break.


  1. Marta Sofia says:

    Well let me start by congratulating you on a very funky and cool blog theme.

    I totally agree with you the sound of rain is simply marvellous, it’s calming and seems to touch a part of my soul saying that: the world is bigger than you and it’s ok!

    I never been to India, but I life in a … “tropical” island called Madeira (It’s a part of Portugal). I love to sit in bed listening to the heavy rain fall and thunder that so often fall in the late hours of the morning here. It’s an amazing feeling…

    • r says:

      Thanks for the compliments, Marta. Though I must admit that the only role I played was in selection of the theme. The real credit should go to its creator(s) :)

      Great to learn that there are others who love rain as well. Back home, in India, most people use to look at it as trouble – water logging, dirty shoes, etc. Being a rain lover was quite a lonely experience :)

      Madeira, I know little about it from the unfortunate and devastating floods there last year and that Ronaldo hails from those parts. But, any place with a good tropical rain can’t be bad. Despite Ronaldo.

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