26/365: No pun, no fun.

Posted: January 26, 2011 in People
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Just another topic I’m not too interested in: Who’re the three funniest people?

I’m not really sure what’s funny. For a small subset of my friends, I’m the fun guy. For most of others, I’m just a silent and serious guy. For none of them am I a funny guy, or even one remotely interested in funny. Funny really isn’t my thing. Unless it’s a sitcom I’m watching.

Coming to funniest people in the world, I’ll say I don’t know many but amongst the few I know, I like Jerry Seinfeld (note to self: book tickets for his show in LDN), Russell Peters and Joey Tribbiani. I can think of a few others but doubt they would like to be classified as funny people. The only stand-up comedian I’ve seen in action in real life, though, is Vir Das. He was ok.

Funny people in my life. Rags is one. Her antics never stop amusing me. Which is probably why despite all her tantrums and constant demands, it’s so hard for me to get angry at her. That crazy dancing of hers, stupid faces and, of course, the random & non-stop blabbering. I do love this crazy little girl :)

The funniest person I’ve known in real life would have to be a batchmate at Joka. For two years, he was a one-man laugh riot who had the campus in splits. His low point – performing a depressing part in a serious dramatics club production. High point – that video of his impromptu performance at the welcome party for juniors inducted into the club. Haven’t heard much of him since we left campus. Hope his skill & spirit haven’t yet been killed by the corporate world and married life.

Can’t think of any more. I do know a few others who can be funny, but they waste their puns on personal & insensitive targeting of people around them . So not funny, in my book.

So, there. That’s all the funny people I know. Though there must be atleast 3 times as many fun people I know, that’s not the topic today, so we end here.


  1. Ms.N says:

    i like calvin… he is funny. actually, i like hobbes more.

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