27/365: A short word on music

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Misc.
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Because that’s the topic today.

Well, the kind of music that has stayed with me a long time is the slow boring type, the one with good lyrics and, usually, a slow rhythm. That would mean Ghazals, bollywood music from movies like Raincoat and country & jazz, specially Don McLean and Johny Cash. I guess the slow tempo goes with my lazy self and the good lyrics appeal to the romantic inside.

Making me choose just one music album today is hard. I’ve got too much on my mind and will thus plead that even my 3 year old phone can hold all these albums, and many more. So, if I’m stranded on an island and only need music to survive, it’s not the albums I’ll worry about but the battery charge on the phone and recharging options.

Short one today. Got an interview tomorrow and I’ve not been preparing at all. Gotta go now..


  1. ~j~ says:

    Like the revamped look of the blog :)

  2. Chet6 says:

    Music for me is like an energy source. When I travel my music quota goes down and it affects my mood. When I listen I get really energised. Good luck with interview!

    • raven says:

      Thanks Chet, the interview went well acc to me, though the reality will only come out once I hear from them. Fingers crossed!

      Music – even Rags is like you, she needs her dose of music. Use to be FM on mobile in India and streaming online here.

      I, on the other hand, thrive on natural noises – people talking, train wheels on the track, traffic on the street and such :)

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