28/365: Mortal Me

Posted: January 28, 2011 in Intake, Misc., Photos
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I want the last slice and the first death. Yes, selfish me!

Topic of the day by Scott: Do you want to live forever?

I quoted from The Finkler Question earlier,

Just when you think you’ve overcome the grief, you realise you’re left with loneliness.

Grief and loneliness are painful. I don’t like pain, specially that non-physical kind that stings at the heart. Why, then would I desire immortality? To live to see all the ones I love die and suffer the pain of it? To see generations after me die and add to the pain? To build a bond with a new set of people just to see them die later and leave me with more memories, more pain?

I am very selfish. I’d rather have others suffering such pain for me rather than me for them. No, I do not want to live forever. I want to live a good life, a life with people I love most a phone call away, if not around me all the time. I want to live through all phases of life. I love the childhood I had. I’m happy with the early youth. I am still young and intend to stay so as long as possible. And then I hope to retire to the slow life of an old person before passing away. I do hope that I shall be fortunate enough to pass on before any of my loved ones do (wishing a long life for my parents, sister, partner and friends).

What I desire is not immortality but something much much more valuable – a happy, satisfied life. Give me that and you can have your immortality :)

There, done with another post. This was a simple topic considering I’ve had a clear view on this for a long time. Yes, the selfish me ;)



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