30/365: tech talk

Posted: January 31, 2011 in Cycling, Misc., Places, Weather
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Central Heating - <undecided> - Android Tablet - Road Bike

Topic for the day at the DailyPost blog is: What tech can’t I live without?

I’ll try and complicate the answer by asking for a few clarifications:

1. What is tech? Is my cycle a tech, is wired electricity a tech or is tech all about my latest mobile, wireless broadband, apps and such like?
2. What is meant by ‘can’t live without’? Does that mean, stuff I’ll die without, stuff I’d like to have, or stuff that I just have and love?

Taking one extreme – stuff I’d die without and including ALL tech – I’d say my choice of techs would be based on where I am, UK or India. In UK, my choice of tech is definitely that old, ignored but very important one – central heating. Yes, I grew up in North India where the winters at their coldest are not much warmer than they are here. But having grown used to the wonder that central heating is, I doubt that I’d be able to survive long in this country without it in the manner we’re so used to back home (under multiple layers of blankets and duvets). However, had this question been posted to me back in India (the India of today), I’d say the answer is harder to find. I’ve considered many answers but am not convinced that I wouldn’t survive without any of them. Some choices I considered: water purifier (lived a few decades without it, won’t die now if it’s taken away), water cooler (a matka in shade does an equally good job) and electricity (may effect entertainment options and take away the comfort of an AC/Cooler/Fan but nothing that would kill me). Isn’t it surprising that my choice in UK is what can be categorised as a ‘comfort’ facility while in India I am confident of surviving even without basic amenities. I guess it is due to the confidence arising from familiarity with the worst that India could throw at me.

Moving on to the other extreme – of the latest (sort of) tech that I’d love to have. At heart, there are only two techs I’m waiting for right now – an android tablet and a road bike. I liked the preview of Motorola Xoom last year on AllThingsD and have since been waiting for it. Though I’m still not sure which form factor I prefer – 7″ versus the 10″ – but from that preview, the more recent ones and from my experience with my NexusOne, I’m sure I want an Android tablet. Just hope they do have something good in the 7″ size too as that’s more like what I’m looking for. On the other tech, I’ve got my shortlist including the Cannondale CAAD8 with 105 groupset, the Felt F85 and Specialized’s Allez Compact/Double, but at the top of my list is Trek’s 2.1 roadbike, specially the 2010 model if I can get it a couple of £100s cheaper than the list price at Evans.

So there, those are my few demands on the tech front. Simple techs that I couldn’t live without and the not-so-simple techs I’d love to have, and may have before the year is out.


P.S.: Any contributions towards my ‘road bike fund’ are very welcome!

This is a teaser video released by Motorola as a precursor to Xoom’s launch (no prices for guessing who it is targetted at):

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