Youtube Madness

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Misc.
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Been a long time since I posted some YouTube videos here, so making up for it with two.

First is a video that’s gone crazy viral – a Brazilian cab driver who sings exactly like MJ did. Here’s the clip with him singing Billy Jeans:

Isn’t he just fantastic? Any guesses on how long before we have him on an album cover?

Next up is a crazy ass song, from a movie I shall never see, with a hero I don’t like, with actions I don’t condone. Yet, the crude punjabi in me can’t help but returning to this video every few hours. Have seen it at least 5 times since @fou4d shared it on twitter yesterday. Sharing it forward here for anyone who may have a taste for such crude punjabi songs. ‘Challa India’ from the movie ‘Crook: It’s good to be bad’ …

Ensoi ;)


If you get as hooked with the Challa India song as I am, here are the lyrics:

Oye challa India tu aaya haye, challa India tu aaya
Dhoom chik chik dhoom..

Challa India, tu aaya ve jindri nu kam te
Laya ni dil nu khich di maya
Raat din taxi chalaunda
Ve motey Dollar kamaunda
Te ne nan, te ne nan..

Oye challa chad ke kamaiyan
Pyaar diyan karda padaiyan
Kisi naal akhiyan ladaiyan
Ennu koi sona
Lageya ishq ne ennu thageya
Te ne nan, te ne nan..

Mitran da ae asool hai
Dil dena ta fazool hai
Maar ke majnu hazaar je lagdi na tu vi hun na marri
Fikran tu chadh te saariyan
Pal do pal kar le yaariyan
Gal mann le meri ore kite vadh shadh pyaar wale na kar challa
Akhiyan sekey goriyan
Maiman dekhe labh ke naina de thekke
Jom rajj rajj ke
Karda pooriyan aishan karda
Te ne nan, te ne nan..

Tell me what you thinking about now
I wanna do everything wanna do it right
Maybe I can help you free your mind..

Challa tu nai naa si
Hor vi mukhde ne kayi
Jinna te akkh jai aa gayi
Tu jaana hai tah
Hun ja saanu nai teri parwah
Te ne nan, te ne nan..

Wondering if enough non-punjabi folks will read this to require a translation. If you do, lemme know.. will translate it as well to hindi or english :)


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