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Posted: February 2, 2011 in Misc., People, Quotes
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A great set of suggestions for celebrities (and media) on how to really use twitter:

Twitter needs to be used properly though. It’s a way to communicate with followers; it’s give and take. It should not be a, completely, narcissistic thing. Not just a way to get your name in the public eye. Use it to thank sponsors, name check friends, and highlight other people’s achievements (and yours, if you want). Have fun with twitter, use humour, show another side of yourself, the curry loving one, the chef side, the caring dad side, the Bon Jovi addict side, share your interests, share your views, have an opinion and battle for it (like right now) and most of all, enjoy irony, it’s the humour that works best on twitter. Followers are clever, they know when someone is just looking for a reaction, trying to stir up some disorder; perhaps some in the media don’t quite understand social media just yet.

A lot of bollywood and sporting celebs back home in India should read this many times over before they tweet.

Those wise words come from one of the very few heroes who know how to use this medium – Iain O’Brien. Do read the rest of his blog post on interactions between cricketers, media and social media here.

Great job Iain!


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