33/365: We are all realists

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Misc.
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Topic for the day: Are you an optimist, a pessimist or something else?

I don’t remember ever meeting anyone who called him/herself a pessimist. I do know a few who call themselves optimists. But a vast majority of people I know, myself included, call ourselves realist. In fact, I believe that within their hearts, the ones who call themselves optimists or pessimists also think of themselves as realists. We all think (or like to think) that our viewpoint is the one most likely to happen (and thus the reality) while others lack from either understanding of the situation or information about the situation. There is simply no other way of aligning our actions and our thoughts/beliefs.

Pessimism & optimism both seem to be reasons for lethargy to me. As a pessimist, I would not do anything because I know it wouldn’t turn out right anyway. As an optimist, I have no reason to do anything because it would turn out right anyway. The only way to make my lazy bum off the couch and into action is by making the results depend, a lot, on my actions. Only then, even when in a pickle, I’ll think more to find a way out and then do much more to fight my way out.

There, I’ve laid out my brief thoughts on optimism, pessimism and us all being realists. Any thoughts you want to share?


P.S.: For most my life I’ve hated any and all -isms. They tend to generalise and push us all unique individuals into classifications and buckets. That may also be the reason why I believe in everyone being a realist – to each his own reality :)

P.P.S.: Am I the only one who thinks that these topics suggested by Scott / Plixy are becoming boring, and sometime repetitious?

  1. ctsix says:

    I tend not to write about the topics of the day but they do sometimes spark a thought in my mind about another topic I end up writing about.

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