35/365: Catching up..

Posted: February 6, 2011 in Misc., People, Places
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Pink footprints. Barcode art. My girl in red.

Topic for the day: When teleportation is finally possible, where will you beam yourself first?

Right now?

Bombay’s kinda happening for me. The Kala Ghoda Festival is on. So I’d beam myself outside Tatha’s door, pull him and Shubhs out to KGAF, followed by a ferry ride from the Gateway and ending with beer and prawn tempura at Mondy’s. Of course, had you given me this power a little earlier, I’d have also caught up with Bombay cycling gang for a group ride celebrating another milestone for cyclists.in and cycling in India. In between, I’d have also beamed myself into ShaaqT’s house to grab Bono while she’s away parting in Goa. Of course, I already tweeted all this in 140c earlier this morning :)

But after that quick trip to Bombay, I wouldn’t just press the back button and return to LDN. I’d first visit home. Been missing Ma & Pa quite a bit lately. Grand parents aren’t getting any younger either. Would drop in for evening chai, a few warm hugs and to get a quick fill of them.

Just before dinner, I’d beam into Bangalore. Haven’t seen sis for about a year and half now, haven’t spoken for about 3 months. So, will take her out to dinner and hear her talk. I hope she hasn’t taken after me in being a good listener.  I want her to talk. Non-stop. Like Rags does.

Dinner done, would hug her bye and beam myself to Delhi. To Masi’s place. She’s been to me the nani that I never had. But lately, I’ve let her down and can’t stop feeling sorry for it. Also miss bhai, bhabhi and my niece dearly. Dinner with sis, dessert with masi & family. Just hope that uncle is not at home. He’s, after all, the dingle biggest reason why I’ve been bailing on them for over an year. Apologies rendered, love gathered, Masi’s slaps & Bhabhi’s smile captured, I’d say my good byes.

Just one more stop. Over at Mani & Neets’. A few pegs of scotch with Neets’ fried paneer and random gyan talk. Gather more hugs. Grab my wings. Back in LDN.

A different Sunday. A lovely Sunday.


P.S.: Yes, I ignored the ‘first’ part of the topic.


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