36/365: My neighbours

Posted: February 6, 2011 in People, Photos, Places
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The Ray Ban car

The RayBan car

I have no idea who my neighbours are, so find it impossible to write anything from their perspective.

I will, though introduce a few of them.

I’ve never seen the door opposite ours open. Or anyone enter or leave the place. Or heard a sound – TV, music, people, vessels, anything. The only signs of human inhabitation I’ve seen in that apartment is when the still human-like figure sitting on the couch sometimes when I pass by their window. That and the notice outside the house around Christmas time for the postman, asking him to drop all the presents outside and not ring the bell. Spooky? I know!

Another neighbour I know is in the house on the other side of our living room wall – the piano neighbours. They are the ones responsible for providing the soft piano melody in my life. Again, never heard any people talking but do hear the melody every day. Kinda like them.

Then there’s the kitty lady. Never met her but have spoken to her on phone that once. Met and liked her kitty though, so the owner gets some brownie points in my book.

From the same block of apartments is the RayBan lady. Well, have seen her a couple of times. No, not closely enough to confirm if her shades were Ray Ban. That name comes from her car number plate (deliberate or not) – RAY 84N. #ilike.

Next up is the only set of neighbours I’ve seen a few times, beginning with the couple living right above our apartment. Young like us, own a Mini and party late into Friday nights. That’s all I know about them. I think Rags knows the guys name, having met him the week we moved in. I use to run into the girl pretty frequently when I was cycling as we usually returned home about the same time.

Then, there’s the Indian couple on top floor. Have seen them around a few times. Have run into the guy another few times as I head out to Starbucks or cycling and he’s off to run (ipod on his arm, earphones in place) or to play tennis (unless he was carrying that racquet to beat someone up). Another thing I know about them is that they get tiffin food from the same vendor as us. And that they may be responsible for the tiffin that went missing once.

Finally, there’s the new (seemingly) mid-eastern family that has moved in on the ground floor next door. Perhaps, the only family on ground floor who keep their curtains open. The matriarch lives in living room and reads a lot. Many a times have wanted to drop in and discuss books and life with her. She seems interesting in that kind of way. She also seems ill. The shaved head and frequent medic visits suggest cancer. Really hope it isn’t. Hope it’s just a regional custom of some sort requiring her to have a clean shaved head. Or she’s gone the Persis Khambatta way, just as a matter of fashion. Anything, but that dreaded disease. There also seem to be quite a lot other people coming and going in that house. Mostly women, though.

Include Charlie, the building caretaker, who lives around the corner and his beautiful pet Tess and that’s all the neighbours I know of. Kinda makes me feel that however much people may curse Holi as a festival for hooligans, at least it was one time when the whole neighbourhood came out and celebrated together, making sure that all newcomers – young, old, men, women, children, rich, poor, hindu, muslim and sikh – were introduced to rest of the colony and immersed in the same colours (and mud) as the rest of us. Missing it.

So, there. Two morning posts have brought me back up to the mark. Though need to write another one later tonight to stay up with it. Till then…



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