37/365: The one who got away…

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Heart, People
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Topic for today yesterday: Describe the one who got away.

I was never hot property but I knew a few who fancied me. She, for all romantic purposes, was absent from everyone’s knowledge. She was everything I was not to fall for. She didn’t speak any of the languages I liked to flirt in – hindi, punjabi or urdu. The language we would communicate in was that lingua franca of business world – English. She rarely spoke to anyone outside her close group of girlfriends. There were barely a handful of people in the batch of 250 that I didn’t speak to. I was outspoken, crude, even obnoxious. She was (in public) quiet, soft spoken and polite. I sported a long ponytail, wore torn ritual tees to exams and was visible all around. She dressed conservatively and stayed in the background. I duelled with the marketing and strategy profs on the big picture. She took pride in correcting the stats prof in his immaculate techniques. She had never been north of Vindhyas, I had never been south of them. It was only appropriate that we studied in a city that lay roughly on the same parallel as that hill range. I barely knew her the person inside her. She knew me from my public persona which, to say the least, was not very flattering. Her best friend hated me. One of my best friends had a crush on her, others were largely oblivious of her presence. I ignored her best friend, I ignored my friend. I fell for her.

Against the odds, she entertained me. I  pushed forward. She didn’t resist. I was falling deeper, faster. She went for student exchange. We exchanged long emails. It seemed like just a small break.

Slowly, the mails grew shorter. Then, they stopped. I got word from another friend on exchange – she was seeing someone there. I got word from her friends – it was time to move on. My friends counselled me – we couldn’t have happened. They told me we were different people, the timing was wrong, her clique hated me too much. I just remembered her smile. And that afternoon when she had teased me by flashing her tongue at me.

The friends turned out to be right. She came back committed. I tried to be polite. I kept my distance. I kept the few fond memories too. She had gotten away. The first one. So far, the only one …

  1. kolembo says:

    Oh! Thanks for the ping back! How do you do that by the way, I’m so new at this…you can email me details?

    This is excellent writing my friend, really good! I’m laughing because I can hear myself in your words…not your experience, although I’m sure everyone who reads the piece will understand loosing your first one – have you watched the film 500 Days of Summer?), but in that you sound sooooo British Colonial Private School!

    I’m assuming you are Indian in Indian no? I’m East African and we have a huge Indian Population here in Kenya (and in South Africa), and whilst Historically, we’ve been at odds, as we move on through time, shared experiences are bringing us together, the most important of which is education.

    Proper education! It’s so funny when we go abroad…half the classes are Chinese, the other half, African and Indian!

    At least you still speak your native language. Here, for a whole generation, English is what we speak!

    Excellent writing, and good luck with the challenge.

    On, on!

    • raven says:

      Yup. I’ve seen the 500 days of summer. Loved it… could identify with so much… and aspired to have experienced the rest ;)

      British Colonial Private School?! I studied in a strict convent school for most of my childhood but this was a loooong after it. What gives on the british colonial school bit?

      Yup, I’m an Indian but in UK for the moment. Of course, I know the history of Indians in Africa, but then as I say – it’s history, let’s not make it our destiny.

      It is interesting though. People in Africa, India, Oceania and Canada, with nothing in common otherwise, can communicate in only one language – that of their erstwhile colonial masters :)

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