40/365: Belief

Posted: February 10, 2011 in Misc.
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The next topic shared by Scott is ‘What is something you never believed until you experienced it?’

I’ve tried hard but can’t think many such things. At certain times in my life, I had trouble believing in myself. Those thoughts are in the past now – some times I fought them away, some other times my friends and family propped me up and yet other times it was the mentors, bosses and teachers who guided me through. But I don’t think belief in self – to deliver, to achieve or, most importantly, just to be – is what is being asked about here.

Outside of myself, there are only two things – kind of connected to each other – that I haven’t believed in for a long time: God & Ghosts. The reason is that both require a blind faith, and selective suspension of reason, in order to believe in them. And those are two things I find myself (mostly) incapable of. Yet to encounter a well framed logical explanation, or experience an otherwise unexplainable incident to make me believe in either. Till one of them happens, I’m happy disbelieving in both.

So, there. After a really long and much delayed 38th post, here is my slightly delayed but much shorter 39th of the series.



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