Ride 9, 2011 – Grand Canal Towpath

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Cycling, Intake, Photos, Places, Weather
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Ride 9, 2011 - Grand Canal Towpath

Today we had a glimpse of what early summer looks like. It was sunny. It was warm (relatively. 13°C). It wasn’t windy. It was beautiful. It was a perfect day.

After my constant cajoling over the past few weeks, even Rags was up for cycling today. In fact, she was more up for cycling today than I was. Till we actually started cycling.

Since she hasn’t been on the Grand Canal tow-path heading west, we decided to take that route. The route is quiet, with just a handful of pedestrians and cyclists using it. Of course, it also meant that the speed was really slow. It wasn’t without a problem though.

I’ve already decided to change the full set up for my rear wheel so didn’t bother that it was constantly touching the break. Had I noticed that, it’d have saved me from what came next – my first flat tyre of 2011. The constant rubbing had moved the brake pad which were now rubbing against the tyre instead of the rim and, after scraping off the tyre rubber, had gotten even scraped off some of the inner tube causing the flat. Anyway, the puncture was quickly repaired (used the new hand pump for first time and it performed really well).

Rest of the ride was peaceful, except that we turned around about 5kms before I had planned to since Rags was starting to feel cold and wanted to be home before sunset. On the way back, stopped at a pub by the canal-side: Grand Junction Arms. Loved the place. It was on the northern side of the canal so had plenty of sun even late in the evening, had a lot of seating in the open, on the canal side and had a couple of interesting hosts. The best thing, though, was the chicken wings that Rags ordered. Unlike the wings at most formal places, these were dry and crisp done. This ensured the hands didn’t get mucked up and the taste was awesome. Add to that the mix of heinz’s brown sauce and mayo…. ummm yummmm! It also helped that we could take our cycles straight through into the open seating area for safe parking wherever we wanted.

The ride home after that was uneventful. Instead of getting out of the canal path near Westbourne station, we decided to continue onwards to Little Venice. Rags hadn’t been there too, so was quite pleased to see the place, specially on a beautiful day like today.

The ride was a 3rd shorter than what we had agreed to do and about half of what I had intended to take her on, but the beautiful day, peaceful path, nice pub and the dinner (masala papad, onion bhajiya, dal makhani and pudina parantha for me) more than made up for it.

Some pics:

Plan for tomorrow (if we wake up): Cycle to My Old Dutch for Pancakes & Shakes followed by ride to Hyde park to soak in some more sun. Fingers crossed.

P.S.: Today was also the first ride this year in tee-shirt and shorts with just one pair of socks :)

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