Most of our weekends over the last 2-3 months have varied from crappy to average. Thus, this weekend, which I’d only rate as decent over all, was a delight to have had. ‘We’ slept plenty, saw a good movie, went cycling, went walking, had tonnes of sun, lots of good food, some drinks, spoke to family and friends, saw a few good episodes of HIMYM and had (mostly) favourable sports results.

Why then, you should ask, is it just decent? Well, because both the ride & walk should’ve been longer, earlier in the day, because I missed out on lunch today at My Old Dutch Pancakes, because we saw only one movie, because we didn’t catch enough sun, because England couldn’t complete the 6nations grand slam and because I didn’t play any CoD. Still, I’ll gladly have many more of weekends like this one rather than most of the ones that went by earlier this year.

Expanding a bit on the good parts now.

The ride, including the drink and snack break, I’ve already written about here, so I’ll just skip to the walk. After yesterday’s ride, Rags was interested in going for a 10km (‘long’, she said) walk today. So, after filling me up with some awesome French toasts, she hounded me out of the house. We walked, via Abbey Road and St. John’s Wood High Street to Regent’s Park. From there we proceeded to Baker Street to get a coffee before starting on the walk back. Sporty Pal on Rags’ phone read ~7km when she gave up on the walk back and we headed to a friends’ house for her to rest. Oh yes, the coffee was had at Paul, the excellent French bakery on Marylebone High Street accompanied by their awesome Banoffee Grand Choux. I never thought cream, banana and toffee flavours would could go so well together. And this was only the beginning. (P.S.: Special thanks to the staff at Paul, Marylebone, for serving us patiently despite it being close to their closing hours on Sunday evening)

Banoffee Grand Choux at Paul

Photo from rgbdigital's blog

After spending a little time with our friends, we headed off for the main task of the day – dinner at Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote, a French steakhouse in Marylebone that you already know about if you’re in London and like steak. I like green salads and I like steak so it’s easy to understand why I love this place. What I love more about this place is that this is so far the only place on earth that Rags eats those two things – green leaves and steak. She doesn’t just eat them, but actually loves to eat them. Definitely amongst our top 2 or 3 places to eat in London. It also helps that the staff is always friendly and the queue (always has a queue, even on Sunday night) is fast moving.

From the bowl of chicken wings and Indian dinner at Woodlands yesterday to the Grand Choux and steak today, this has been a really good food weekend. Throw in the late lunch at Nando’s on Friday and it was a great food weekend!

Moving back a little now to the movie. Early in the weekend (Friday evening), we saw The Lincoln Lawyer. I liked the movie quite a bit. Though the plot was mostly predictable, the cast and small twists and turns made it really enjoyable. It also helped that after the tension of previous few days, both of us needed a light watch and this movie perfectly fit the bill. After all, any movie in which she come out smiling at the end has to be a good one, right?

The last bit – sports results. Football first. The mighty potters from Stoke City thrashed Newcastle toons 4-0! Then my red devils from ManUtd did what they do – get just the result required – by beating Bolton at home. Arsenal added to my joy by barely struggling to eke out a draw at West Brom giving United a 2 point breather at the top. Then, for the first time in my life, I celebrated a Chelsea goal as David Luiz (one of my favourite players in the league since he joined) scored, kept a clean sheet and got man of the match to add a good 14 points to my fantasy premier league score for the week. Good performances from others ensured I scored a pretty decent 78 points this week. Cycling now. Though I wasn’t able to watch Milan-San Remo live thanks to the ride with Rags on Saturday, I did catch up later on. My perennial favourite, Cav, still looks weak and not up to the mark for the season. It helped that his main competitors, Freire and Hushovd, were dropped into the 2nd group and didn’t have a chance to make him suffer mentally. It was good as ever to see Cancellara on the podium and, though I haven’t followed him so far, Goss & HTC on the top step were good as well. The results didn’t do much damage to my first week in’s fantasy cycling leagues as well. Those 31 points meant my team ended up joint 248th out of 1555 teams that participated. Nothing great but not too bad either. Right?

Fantasy Cycling - Stage 1, MSR

Of course, not everything went my way either. England, whom I was supporting, lost (badly) their final 6nations encounter against Ireland and lost the chance to complete a grand slam. Thankfully, the French ensured that England at least retained the title. Also, there was the small matter of India dashing all my hopes by qualifying for the quarter finals of cricket world cup. Hopefully, Australia will beat them on Thursday bringing back some sanity to my timeline. (I do support India but hate the ODI format and want the tournament over ASAP. Once a test series begins, the India supporter in me shall rise again!)

That, in not so short, was my decent weekend. How was yours?

In some other news, I’m visiting India in April – a weekend in Bombay followed by about a week at home. Also, I’m finally planning to buy that road bike soon and will be test riding a few this week. The Economist subscription has been renewed after a bit of a struggle and, having finally recovered from the dismal February, am actively hunting in the job market again.

P.S.: Any help with the job search is highly welcome. Broadly, I’m looking for either strategy consulting roles or business development / marketing / strategy roles in telecom-media-tech sector, preferably based out of London with or without travel. On my short list of target companies are Automattic, INQ, Evans Cycles, Google, Economist Group, Axis Corp and Parthenon Group. More suggestions are also welcome.

P.P.S.: In the above list you’ll see a few companies I regularly criticise on twitter and/or here. I stand by that criticism and my interest is an indication of my willingness to work from inside to remedy those shortcomings.


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