Bucket_List.Add (“Watch a football match in Argentina”);

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Heart, People, Photos, Places, Sport
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Yes, that’s the dream – to watch Argentina play in Argentina while wearing Argentina colours. If lucky, it shall also feature the little fella in last pic showing his magic in his country’s colours :)

If you don’t already know the reason for this wish, it is not the team or the country but the people, the supporters. Don’t trust me? Watch these (in the 3rd one, I love how the Argentinian journo tells Simon Reeves ‘You invented football, we made it better’) :

P.S.: If Argentina isn’t hosting an international competition soon enough, I’m willing to make do with a Superclàsico. No, I doubt I’ll be neutral. Having seen the passion in the videos, I would most probably join La Doce ;)

P.P.S.: Looking at the sheer drop from the top stand in La Bombonera, I wonder if I’ll even be able to get up there with my strange fear of heights :|

  1. I too share the same dream…..my stadium of choice has always been La Bombonera. Women dream of chocolate, I dream of The chocolate box! Great article.

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