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Posted: April 4, 2011 in Cycling, Heart, Intake, Places
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The Match. Suppressed delight at bowlers doing a grand job of suffocating Lankan openers. Mild disappointment on letting them consolidate in middle overs. Left home for friends’ place in Canary Wharf with the score reading 191/5 in 42nd over. Arrived at friends’ place almost an hour later to learn of the hammering our bowlers got in last few overs and the loss of Sehwag’s wicket. 4 hours of emotional lows and highs interrupted by a super lunch from East is East. A controlled six followed by wild shouts from everyone in the room and calls home to share the occasion with family. Also random tweeting and checking scores at Upton Park & The Brit, all on a dying phone battery.

Later a visit to Piccadilly Circus to see some more Indians celebrating on the roads including generic shouts of “Sachiiiin Sachin”. Followed by a round of bumper cars, a few rounds of air hockey and a round of bowling, tempered with beer and snacks. Lastly, a quick two rounds on the bike of the road around the compound late, late at night to keep my commitment to #30daysofbiking going.


Lazy, late wake up. More laziness catching up with yesterday’s time line (phone had conked off sometime while bowling) and celebratory reports. Finally, tube to Oxford Circus for late lunch at Ed’s where they delighted my by remaking my coffee shake after I generally commented that I liked it stronger than it was. Good music, good food, great service. Later a walk to Leicester square through London’s most expensive shopping district to watch Source Code – script has weak points but good overall. Followed by a walk back to the Woodlands Restaurant at Marylebone for dinner – the Piccadilly one is better. Ended the day with another 5 rounds around the housing block on my bike to complete today’s commitment to #30daysofbiking. Hope the rest of 27 days get more riding than these two did :|

The priceless bit.

On the call home after we won the match, dad told me that he was finally opening the bottle of single malt I’d given him over an year back. Ma was protesting the need to open it but Grandma insisted that she too wanted ‘a small one’ to celebrate the victory :)
It was great to hear genuine joy in her voice for the first time since Grandpa passed away – the one thing I most vividly remember from that big day.

A last hurrah.

Suno gaur se duniya walon… burri nazar na hum pe daalo… Chaahe jitna zor laga lo… Sabse aage honge Hindustani.
Translation for non desi readers: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!


Last, never the least: Thank you Gary!

Gary Kirsten

  1. ~j~ says:

    :) Loved your priceless bit! And the thank you to Gary. If only cricket could help solve most of our problems… we’d have more smiles around.

    • raven says:

      I loved that too :)

      Interestingly, she’s not much into cricket or scotch otherwise. Just got excited in the spirit of the moment :)

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