I always thought Ed Miliband to be a weakling who came to lead the Labour on support of the unions & further left wings inside the party. I thought he’d be a puppet in their hands, and that his election had deprived Labour of a much better leader in his brother Dave. Then came his presence and performance in the parliament. Against a confident bully in Dave Cameron, he looked amateurish and feeble.  However, In the current crises, he seems to be proving me, and lots of his other doubters, wrong.

He took on the biggest political powers in this country – Murdoch Empire and David Cameron – and even the Met Police. He stood out practically alone shouting from the roof tops to all those would hear, which in this case was a collection of various non-Murdoch news media.

These – Murdochs, Dave Cameron & Met Police – were the people who had clipped Vince Cable, shut up the LibDems and had led from front the downfall of Gordon Brown. This trio had also helped stave off, and even project as evil, the thousands of student and union protesters who had opposed government policies earlier. Yet, he insisted, he carried on his almost alone in his assault on the corrupt trio.

The results are finally showing and the real evil empire seems to be crumbling:

  • Andy Coulson had long been gone from Dave Cameron’s entourage. Now, he was arrested and investigated.
  • News of The World itself was shut down, albeit partly in an attempt to protect Rebecca Brooks, James Murdoch and the BSkyB bid.
  • The BskyB bid was shelved. Again, it may just turn out as an attempt to buy time while the furore dies down.
  • Today, Rebecca Brooks, despite earlier defiant statements from Rupert Murdoch, resigned offering an apology.
  • And tomorrow, all News Int’l newspapers are to carry a full page apology on behalf of the organisation. Quite a bit of turnaround from the defiant, arrogant front page that the last issue of NotW carried less than a week ago.
  • James & Rupert Murdoch have agreed to appear before the parliamentary enquiry, along with in front of the independent judge-led enquiry.

Of course, this is just the News Int’l.

  • Dave Cameron has escaped practically unhurt, other than the loss of a strong supporter at News Int’l.
  • Despite repeated calls from Ed, he has refused to apologise for appointing Andy Coulson or even admitting any wrong on that account.
  • And he hasn’t even bothered to admit that he was wrong when he earlier insisted that both Brooks & Coulson were personal friends and that he believed their words.

Similar is the case with police – lots of irregularities have come to light but there’s been no apologies or prosecutions coming. None to be expected either, after all why will they want to charge their own? Moreover, they have the alibi of the fact that they can diffuse any wrong doing as having been cleaned with the change of guard at top, and inside, the force.

  • Still, they are on defensive. From brusquely dismissing any more investigations into matters involving the Murdoch empire or their own taking bribes, they have at least been forced to open new investigations.

Rupert Murdoch’s defiant piece in yesterday’s WSJ shows that this battle is far from over in his mind. Neither he nor Cameron are the ones to forget and forgive. They will want their power back and will fight back.

Ed Miliband will be their prime target and he can expect to face the full brunt of a combined assault – dirt being dug up by News Intl reporters and their hired dirty hands, published all over the Rupert media, being attacked in & outside parliament by Cameron & his allies and brought to charge on the flimsiest excuse by the Met.

It was the fear of this backlash that had shut up critics from all three parties. Till, of course, they realised that the Murdoch-Conservative-Met alliance was crumbling and jumped in to make their voice heard and gain a bit of credibility.

But, frankly, if there’s anyone who has come out looking strong and well in this episode, it is Ed Miliband. Bravo, mate. (Now, prepare for the backlash).


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