Metallica concert mayhem

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Misc., People, Places
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A few quick thoughts on the mayhem after the Metallica concert in Delhi was cancelled postponed:

  1. Why was there no police or private security protecting the stage and equipment. From the video (embedded below), all I could see was a few spindly youth breaking all that equipment on stage – nothing that a dozen policemen and their canes couldn’t have controlled. More I think of it, more it sounds like someone – possibly a local politician or bureaucrat – wanted this to happen, and the police knew better than to interfere.
  2. Though I’m not a big music fan, I can understand what @b50 said:

    If I’d spent time, money and rock love to see this, there’s only one emotion – anger.

    What I can’t understand is why a country that prides itself for 5000 years of civilisation, hasn’t evolved a better method of channelling anger than violence? For a country that exported non-violence and yoga, aren’t these bouts of violence over smallest of issues becoming bit too frequent?

  3. Is the fact that violence broke out an outcome of our rotten legal system? In a functioning legal system, such an incident (last minute cancellation) would usually be countered with a class action suite, or similar. Is it that the common Indian has so little faith in the legal system that they prefer instant, violent justice rather than take the organisers to court?In fact this point works both ways. The people who broke that stage knew that the legal system is so weak that probability of them ever being prosecuted for it is remote, hence the cost of doing it so little to themselves.

Any more thoughts?

  1. Blot says:

    I don’t understand it either. Concerts do get cancelled, and people manage to behave in a civilised manner. Amy Winehouse started her Belgrade concert blind drunk and the organisers had to cancel it at that point – after she had started an hour late and mucked around on stage embarrassingly; the most vicious quotes I read about that said “fans were angry” and “the crowd booed”. Metallica cancels for a technical fault in India and people behave like stampeding animals.

    I’m even more confused by the news coverage of the non-event. NDTV quotes the police commissioner saying the crowd dispersed peacefully (?!). ToI says “it was postponed due to technical reasons and not chaos at the venue” – are we supposed to understand that crowd behaviour caused the postponement? It also says they will refund ticket costs if the cancellation reason was not genuine – does this mean if the concert gets fully cancelled (as NDTV is saying it already is) but it was due to a genuine technical fault at the time, that the people will not get their refunds (NDTV says they will)?


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