Strange Dream

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Dreams, Heart, People, Places
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Robert Scoble appeared in my dream last night. And it wasn’t even in London.

I had moved back to my home town and he visited me there to interview about my new start-up!

Sadly, since the start-up was (is) in stealth mode, I couldn’t share any specifics with him. He wasn’t happy that he came so far only to get stonewalled but didn’t let that spoil the mood.

Later, I took him on a walk (or was it a photo-walk) around town and things got weirder. The town now had small hills and dense vegetation (IRL it is a dust bowl right in middle of north India’s wide open, super flat plains). We were walking on a trail through the undergrowth with the dark, hilly forest on one side and high back walls of some houses on the other, joking about the fauna of that region. Then we saw the gate to the park, which was now a national reserve. That’s when it went dark.

I can relate bits of it to real life. Been missing my home town, reading too much of Scobleizer, working towards a startup, and was walking through some dense growth yesterday on the Beverly brook walk, including a section that was suspiciously similar to section we walked in the dream.

Would’ve really liked to know how my start-up turned out :)


P.S.: As a contrast, the dream night before was of two girls in love with me (and me loving them back) who turned out to be twins. They were both what I’d grown up dreaming ‘my girl’ to be – tall, dark, intelligent, athletic, confident-yet-not-abrasive, smile-a-lot kinds. Don’t know how that one ended either :(


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