This isn’t me anymore. I have changed, for sure. One thing that still hasn’t changed? I’m still too lazy to re-write this.

I am changing.

A few things that interest me:

Balvenie (Doublewood 12 yo)
Chilled Beer (Kings, Kingfisher, Carlsberg currently preferred)
Cycling (Just regular on-road type so far)
Food (Punjabi, Mughlai, Mallu, Italian, Mashups)
Football (EPL, SPL, CL, WC)
Formula 1 (specially Scuderia!)
Tennis (Fedex > Murray > Roddick > Djoko > Nadal > Tsonga > Del Potro, Henin > Clijsters > all)
Test Cricket
Running (slow & solo)
Swimming (am a bad, bad swimmer)
Watching Sun Rise

~one life. live it~

Old about me:

Prashanto Da’s Half Fry. Kwality Walls’ Vanilla Cup. Ma’s Cold Coffee. Auli’s Slopes. Mamu’s Love. Bhai & Didi’s Care. My Anger. Careless Wandering. Nature’s Tender Touch. My Socks. A Hard Bed.


Try them and then some more to know about me. :)

  1. Kata in Babuland says:

    Great looking blog!!

  2. Ms.N says:

    also – ask raghs to take up this challenge… i am in need of more reading material.

    • raven says:

      You are really vella today!

      I ‘re’discovered your blog yesterday. Thought I had subscribed to it and you were not posting.. turned out to be otherwise.

      As for asking Rags to join this, why don’t you do that? Though I doubt she has the time to post more than a couple of times each week. On the same note, why don’t you take up this challenge? :)

  3. Ms.N says:

    You actually had 63 posts vs 31 in jan… impressive.

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