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A street bike named Desire…

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Cycling, Dreams
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… actually, it’s called Plug. Charge Plug.


I’d been seeing and ignoring this book at various book shops in India for a couple of years now and had all intention to never read it. However, reading Arvind Adiga’s two essays – on living in Bombay & Delhi – turned me around. I liked those essays so much that I couldn’t wait to read this book.

Thus, I spent £7.99 on a book that I could’ve picked up from any roadside vendor back home for Rs. 50. Was it worth it, I’d say yes.

The book was tedious to begin with but once you get past the start, it begins to get interesting. The end was just as I expected it to be – swift. Despite the introduction on back cover and online, it’s not a murder mystery. It’s a story of a journey which also, unfortunately, involves a murder (or 14). It’s a story of a hen flying  the coop and turning into a tiger. Not just any tiger, a white tiger. I shouldn’t write any more about it. I’d just say – read it, it’s worth your time.